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Kontak Informasi
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By purchasing these tickets and going for the ride, I do hereby warrant and acknowledge that Rhib Rides Singapore™ shall not be responsible for the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions or unknown health issues such as heart problems, high blood pressure or knee and back pain
  • Pregnancy that leads to miscarriage during or after the ride
  • Self-inflicted injury during the ride
  • Accidents or injuries caused by being under the influence of alcohol or medication
  • My personal belongings such as my mobile phone, sunglasses and caps before, during and after the ride

As well that I understand and appreciate fully the fact that there may well be risks, hazards and dangers involved to which I would be subjected, more particularly:

  • that there will not always be protection in the form of shelter in which to take cover, and that exposure to one or more of the following potentially dangerous animals, such as box jellyfish, as well as poisonous snakes, spiders, insects and plants and other natural hazards may occur whilst on tour
  • that the sea and waves result in motion sickness
  • that I am aware of the potential dangers of exposure to the sun - directly or indirectly - and that serious sunburn may result from unprotected exposure
  • that I am aware of the potential dangers of exposure to rain, thunder, lightning or acts of God - directly or indirectly and that there are risks from riding in extreme weather

In the event that I go for water activities such as diving or swimming, I will be held accountable for any injuries or accidents that occur.

In the event that I do not comply with the operator’s rules and regulations, my charter will be forfeited.

There will be photography/videography taken during the charter and I consent to having these media used for promotional and media purposes.

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